AAI 531 – Ethics in Artificial Intelligence

Course Overview

This course will examine some of the issues and consequences of increasing use of artificial intelligence and related technologies. We will consider a range of possible problems arising from AI and how researchers and policy makers might address them. We will investigate how AI could be adapted to operate within safety, ethical, and legal limits. We will also study the economic and social effects that AI could have on society.

The course will also consider some legal and policy issues related to the use of AI systems, including fairness, privacy, and liability. We will learn proposed regulations that provide individuals with a right to explanation when decisions made by an AI agent affect them. We will also understand the importance of ethical considerations for guiding computer scientists and engineers who create AI-enabled technologies. Economic issues concerning AI will also be examined to understand the unemployment threat caused by the replacement of workers by AI systems and the consequent effects on economic inequality. We will study the challenges of ensuring that artificial intelligent systems and agents behave ethically, legally and safely.


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