AAI 531 – Ethics in Artificial Intelligence

Course Overview

This course will examine some of the issues and consequences for humanity and our environment of increasing use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and related technologies. With an understanding of the range of possible issues arising from AI, this course covers and explores how researchers, product teams, and policymakers might address the issues. Students will investigate how processes for AI development and deployment could be adapted to operate more effectively within legal frameworks and satisfy safety goals. This course discusses the social, political, and economic effects that AI may have on society – today and in the future. It also covers developing an understanding of public concerns with AI, including economic, equity, and human rights. Students will review proposed regulations, such as ones that provide individuals with a right to explanation when decisions made by an AI agent affect them. Students will evaluate existing and proposed techniques for addressing known challenges such as fairness, privacy, and liability. In addition, students will apply what they learn by adapting how practitioners work and lead in organizations that create and deploy AI-enabled systems, products, and services. Taken together, students will study and practice ways to ensure that they are equipped to ethically and safely build systems with an artificial intelligence component.


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