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High demand for skilled professionals in this vitally important and high-paying field.

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January 7

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August 2


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MS in Cyber Security Operations and Leadership
August 2
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MS in Cyber Security Engineering
August 2
August 2
Cyber Security Professionals from Across the Nation Earn Master’s Degrees from University of San Diego

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Industry Overview

Cyber security

Our career-building master of science in cyber security programs are ideal for bachelor-prepared students who are currently working in a wide range of cybersecurity roles, as well as those interested in pursuing professional opportunities in cybersecurity. It’s safe to say that the cybersecurity industry is booming. As cybercrime and online threats increasingly impact entities around the world, organizations across all sectors continue to ramp up their cybersecurity infrastructure. This has triggered great demand for well-trained cybersecurity professionals who possess the needed cybersecurity degrees, skills and experience.

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Job openings expected by 2021


Median salary for Information Security Analysts (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)

Success Stories

The support structure with the school itself, with the professors, was excellent. They were always available to answer questions and, more than that, their feedback on assignments was really invaluable.

Lynn H. Hoffman said she gained “a wealth of information” not only from the professors and the cutting-edge curriculum, but also from interacting with fellow students using USD’s robust online educational portal. Earning her master’s degree in cybersecurity at the University of San Diego set Lynn H. Hoffman on a course to start her own San Diego-based cybersecurity company — Cibernetika.

One of the reasons my boss hired me was because of that (USD) master’s degree, and he told me that. He said, ‘You know, a lot of employers are sometimes afraid to hire students fresh out of school. But I am of the theory that you are already learning the newest avenues of how to do things, and that anything you come here for we can just teach you right off the bat and it’s a big plus.


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