Integrative Capstone*

Course Overview

Course Description

In the final course of the program sequence, students create an online portfolio to showcase what they’ve learned throughout the program. In what could be described as a ‘resume on steroids’, this portfolio contains a compilation of exemplary projects, term papers, presentations, and skill-based exercises that were completed throughout the program. The creation of the capstone project requires students to identify and critically reflect on the major program themes and what they’ve learned in the program. The reflection and the portfolio itself are both invaluable assets for career advancement.

*Note: all electronic portfolios have password protection and other security options to keep information secure.

Student Comments:

“My experience in this capstone has been outstanding. This is consistent with my experience throughout the program. I could not be happier with my decision to attend USD!”
– Fall ’19 Student

“I imagine this capstone project could serve as a resume for future endeavors.”
– Spring ’19 Student

“Building a website that I can show prospective employers or command staff for promotion was a great idea to wrap up this program.”
– Spring ’17 Student


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