Course Overview

Course Description

In the final course of the program sequence, students create an online portfolio to showcase what they’ve learned throughout the program. In what could be described as a ‘resume on steroids’, this portfolio contains a compilation of exemplary projects, term papers, presentations, and skill-based exercises that were completed throughout the program. The creation of the capstone project requires students to identify and critically reflect on the major program themes and what they’ve learned in the program. The reflection and the portfolio itself are both invaluable assets for career advancement.

*Note: all electronic portfolios have password protection and other security options to keep information secure.

Student Comments:

“I loved the Capstone. I feel this is something I can use for the rest of my working career as an advanced resume. I will be able to add to it a tailor the livebinder for any future career opportunities.”
-Fall ’23 Student

“The fact that LEPSL allows for a final website project that showcases some of your best writing in the course (self-selected for completion) is HUGE on the learning scale. It is a gift to us as we leave the program with our degrees.”
-Fall ’23 Student

“The LEPSL program has taught me the ability to accept that many abstract and real-world experiences have contributed to my professional growth while gaining valuable insight and understanding of the expectations of law enforcement leaders. Additionally, it has provided me with the necessary perspective as to how leaders need to address emerging trends effectively. As well as the emotional intelligence necessary to address conflict and effective communication. The significance this program has had on me as a professional law enforcement leader cannot be overstated. These lessons will undoubtedly have an indelible impact on not only those I lead but, on our communities, as well. This growth opportunity has also impacted my outlook related to how these concepts apply in real-world applications every day.”
– Fall ’22 Student

“The fact that I can now share my accomplishments with my leadership and friends is outstanding. The weekly assignment schedule and instructor feedback allowed me to make the necessary changes, keeping my writing relevant to issues law enforcement faces in the 21st century.”
– Fall ’22 Student

“I had never put an e-portfolio together so this was a new experience for me. I did not grasp the importance of putting something like this together until I had to share it for a career opportunity. Shortly after completing my capstone project, I got the opportunity to share it with someone who was interested in my bio for a teaching position. Thank you creating this course that will provide me an chance to showcase my qualifications in a modern platform for my potential employer.”
-Summer ’21 Student

“The capstone course forced me to reflect back on all of my coursework, which was a great refresher on everything we learned throughout the LEPSL program. It also gave me an opportunity to organize works I will likely use as references for future work projects. I learned the basics of creating my own website. I have a future business idea and I think this new skill will serve me well.”
-Summer ’21 Student

“This course allowed me to create a polished resume and portfolio that I can use to show others my work quality. I thought this capstone was perfect for the progressive program that USD has designed. Finally something that I can use after I receive my degree. Good Job USD”
-Spring ’21 Student

“My experience in this capstone has been outstanding. This is consistent with my experience throughout the program. I could not be happier with my decision to attend USD!”
– Fall ’19 Student

“I imagine this capstone project could serve as a resume for future endeavors.”
– Spring ’19 Student

“Building a website that I can show prospective employers or command staff for promotion was a great idea to wrap up this program.”
– Spring ’17 Student


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