Organizational Leadership for Law Enforcement

Course Overview

Course Description

How do law enforcement and public safety professionals lead under stress, in environments of change, and in the modern social and political climate? Strong leadership is crucial in law enforcement organizations; from officer safety, to thriving teams, to organizational success or failure, the stakes are high day in and day out. Leadership is a broad and diverse toolkit that can, and should, be understood and applied differently by individuals and organizations. Throughout this course, students will be exposed to practical and application-based examinations of organizational models and leadership theories. Designed to create immediate payoff with real-time and actionable lessons, the course uses a variety of case studies from law enforcement, corporate America and the military to present a holistic look at leadership, ethics, and best practices in modern law enforcement and public safety organizations.

Course Highlights

  • Theoretical at its core and pragmatic in approach, students examine leadership principles ranging from situational leadership to best practices from legendary historical leaders, to enduring and thriving in a toxic leadership environment.
  • In a time of increased calls for transparency, this course helps students learn the importance of leadership in nurturing public trust and cultivating collaborative relationships with key stakeholders.
  • The goal for students is to have them understand leadership theory through case studies and examples that have an immediate payoff for their careers, with ample preparation for promotion opportunities.
Student Comments:

“Overall, the course allowed me to understand others and myself better than ever before in terms of leadership”
-Spring 2018 Student

“Without exaggeration, each week there were take-aways that I can use currently and in the future. I enjoyed sharing what I learned with my colleagues and subordinates.”
-Spring 2018 Student

“The material is applicable daily as a law enforcement leader”
-Spring 2018 Student


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