Effective Leadership in Modern Public Safety

Course Overview

Course Description

This course examines best practices for effective and impactful leadership in the dynamic, contemporary world of public safety. Relevant leadership theories will be coupled with real-world case studies from law enforcement, the military, academia, and the private sector to present a well-rounded analysis of the dynamic concept of leadership. The course emphasizes self-reflection, tangible strategies, and practical skill building to nurture immediately applicable leadership proficiencies that will support today’s law enforcement and public safety personnel to thrive in a dynamic and demanding environment.

Student Comments:

“The course is doing an exceptional job covering topic currently addressing law enforcement today. Recruitment and retention is a huge issue facing all of law enforcement today and it was covered within the class.”
-Fall 2021 Student

“I enjoyed reading the discussion board throughout the week. The amount of information posted on the discussion board was outstanding and sometimes overwhelming. I enjoyed not only reading what other students had to say but also reading the different articles that were posted to the discussion board.”
-Fall 2021 Student

“The assignments made me think about my agency in new ways. They changed the way I think about my agency and station from an organizational leadership perspective.”
-Fall 2021 Student


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