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Organizational Theory and Change for Law Enforcement – LEPS 560
(formerly titled Organizational Theory and Change)

Course Description

As individuals rise in an organization, they get a wider view of responsibilities, whether that be for their specific unit or the organization as a whole. This course looks at six models for how organizations function, allowing students to identify the model that best describes their agencies and make observations about processes that can be maximized. In a pro-seminar format, this course features a unique guest lecturer with specific expertise in each unit of the course. Collectively these perspectives from law enforcement, the military, the corporate sector, academia and elected officials will present a rich and nuanced look at how our students can maximize their impact on their organizations, constituents, and communities.  


3 units

Student Comments

Chief Chaplin, made me feel as if I was in the front row and provided rich dialog with quality feedback to all my assignments. I have a feeling he made every student in this course feel the same way, as observed from his discussion replies and questions.
-Spring 2020 Student

The course content was engaging and the information was applicable outside of just law enforcement.
-Spring 2020 Student

It is so very refreshing that at this senior point in my career after having served more than 23 years in the law enforcement profession, I am still learning valuable concepts that I can immediately employ within my organization in a continued effort to evolve not only my own skills but to assist in training and developing those who will succeed me in my position. Thank you!
-Spring 2020 Student

The interviews, readings, and presentations were interactive and relative to the course material. Overall, a well organized course that I learned a lot from.
-Spring 2020 Student

Every aspect of this course contributed significantly to my career.
-Spring 2020 Student

The course was very informative and the practical learning from the many valuable resources will assist me in the future.
-Spring 2020 Student

Success can almost breed the wrong attitude or perspective in many people. I think that is why this course has been impactful for me. Using metaphors to evaluate the organization or even yourself can assist us in making the right decision. It can also help us to be objective even when we are looking at yourself in the mirror.
-Summer 2018 Student