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Communication for Law Enforcement Leaders

Course Description

This course introduces and develops a series of communication skills essential for the modern law enforcement and public safety environment. Substantive foci include: interpersonal communication theories and techniques, written communication skills including electronic communication, report and grant writing, and communication for large audiences with an emphasis on leadership, management, and the media. Of paramount importance will be nurturing professional, efficient, and effective communication skills.


3 units

In this Course, You Will:

  • Play the role of a public information officer, applying communication skills from the course, with your professor as your coach.
  • Choose the correct communication medium for the message, taking into consideration its content and intended audience.
  • Practice communication strategies to established rapport in professional environments
  • Examine case studies and best practices on how law enforcement agencies are leveraging social media as the most visible “‘face” of their agency
  • Assess your own personal communication and management styles, so that you can enhance your strong styles and work on developing new strengths.
  • Learn skills for managing emotions during communication in various environments and with diverse audiences
  • Learn and practice communication strategies to foster cooperation and collaboration both within and across agencies
  • Critically examine high profile law enforcement press conferences and discuss strengths and weaknesses of their execution
  • Nurture communication strategies to foster trust and credibility with the public during times of crisis