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Critical Issues in Law Enforcement and Public Safety

Course Description

This course is an evaluation of numerous critical issues faced by law enforcement leaders in the contemporary United States. From street gangs to crime rate dynamics, transnational drug trafficking organizations to recidivism, law enforcement ethics to crime-fighting technology, this course will delve into some of America’s most pressing crime problems, as well as issues facing criminal justice institutions with an emphasis on effective public policy.


3 units


  • Dynamic curriculum is continually updated to ensure┬áthe course addresses current issues facing today’s law enforcement professionals
  • In the last several years legislation has reshaped the correctional system, redistributed inmates, reduced criminal penalties and forced often under-resourced law enforcement agencies to adapt. With best practices under development and emerging, this course engages these, and other issues, to work together to overcome new challenges and leverage new opportunities.
  • Many agencies are on the forefront of contemporary drug policy changes, and the attendant prescription drug and opioid abuse epidemics facing many communities. ┬áThis course examines empirical evidence on these issues, and communicating best practices for the role of law enforcement in prevention, rehabilitation and enforcement.

Student Comments

“This course was the best online course I have ever taken. What I was most impressed with was the lectures and how they were presented. I loved being able to go back and listen/watch them over several times to help the information sink in.”
-Spring ’17 Student