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Greg Cormier, MA

Director of Supportive Housing, Central City Concern

Greg Cormier has over 13 years of experience leading large-scale international humanitarian responses globally. Across those 13 years, he has led humanitarian programs to some of the most complex Level 3 emergencies of the past decade, including responding to the Typhoon Haiyan crisis in the Philippines (2014), the South Sudanese Civil War (2015), the Syrian Refugee Crisis and the Liberation of Mosul operations (2016-17), as well as the war in Ukraine (2022). In addition, he has spearheaded large-scale humanitarian responses to the European Migration Crisis in Greece (2018), the Venezuelan migrant crisis in Colombia (2019), and the Haiti earthquake (2021).

With a Master’s degree in International Human Rights and formerly a humanitarian logistician, Greg puts a very high emphasis on working within the space where humanitarian principles, humanitarian program standards, international human rights and field operations and security meet.

In 2023, Greg transitioned from international humanitarian response to domestic humanitarian response and is currently the Director of Supportive Housing with Central City Concern in Portland, OR.

Greg will be leading MSHA 595 Logistics for Humanitarian Relief.