Nandor Szots

USD Engineering Management and Leadership Board Member

Nandor has been in the ever-evolving landscape of technology for over 22 years. Throughout his journey, he has had the privilege of contributing his expertise to various remarkable endeavors.

Nandor started his career working on real-time embedded C code for UAV Radar Systems and quickly moved from there into the video games industry by joining Sony Online Entertainment. There, he was fortunate enough to be a part of the teams behind iconic video games like EverQuest, EverQuest 2, DC Universe Online, and H1Z1.

More recently, Nandor led teams at both Amazon Fresh and Amazon Global Communities, paving the way for the future of online grocery experience, and fascinating communications between some of Amazon’s largest communities.

At Meta, he led the AI and ML Infrastructure teams where he witnessed firsthand the incredible advancements that continue to drive how we interact with technology and data.

Currently, Nandor is leading foundational Data Mesh teams at Intuit, redefining how users produce and interact with clean, accurate data at scale.