Headshot of Suzi Van Steenbergen

Suzi Van Steenbergen, EdD

Adjunct Professor

Areas of Interest

I am interested in understanding how teachers sustain a commitment to equity within their classrooms, especially when the broader school culture makes that challenging. I also am interested in understanding the role school culture plays in teachers’ sensemaking about their roles as institutional agents, especially with respect to the most marginalized students.

Why USD?

I love teaching in USD’s Online MEd program. Not only do I have the opportunity to work with teachers locally, but I also get to work with and learn from teachers across the country, even the globe. The small classes also allow us to build authentic relationships even in an online setting. I have been so impressed with the contributions our students make to the program. I have learned so much from them!

Advice for Future Students?

I would have three pieces of advice for success in the Online MEd Program. First, get organized. Setting aside dedicated time each week, marking assignments on your calendar, and keeping up with the assignments is really crucial. Second, reach out to your professors! We are here to help answer any of your questions. We love talking to students, and we know sometimes it can be confusing trying to figure things out on your own. We are here to help! Finally, dedicate some time and energy to building relationships with your classmates. You’ll be in several classes together, and getting to know each other can help you make the most out of your experience in the program. Some students even meet offline to work together and collaborate.

Fun fact about yourself?

I have never had a cavity.


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