Headshot of Tess Reid, EdD

Tess Reid, EdD

Adjunct Professor

Areas of Interest

Curriculum and instruction, special education, cognition and machine learning, diversity and intersectionality.

Why USD?

USD’s online ME.d program provides wonderful opportunities for global connections between students and faculty that facilitate robust discussions, fosters divergent and collective thinking by students, and elevates the teaching and learning experiences for everyone in the course. As an adjunct faculty, I have been able to support students through and to success in USD coursework but also in their respective educational learning environments. Students and I both enjoy the flexibility of the program as well.

Advice for Future Students?

If you are looking to earn your Master’s Degree from a high-quality program that is flexible, values you as an individual and as a student, has exciting and relevant academic programming designed with job-embedded activities for busy professionals, and has faculty and staff who are responsive to your needs, then look no further! USD’s online ME.d program is the right program for you!

Fun Fact About Yourself?

I totally geek out on learning new things, especially science and technology and I own the fact that I am a book nerd!

Anything Else About Yourself?

When I teach a course, I take the approach that learning is reciprocal between students enrolled in the course and myself. Therefore, I provide opportunities for student support throughout the course and view each student’s success as my success in supporting them.


Your Future Now

Earn your master’s degree on a schedule that’s convenient for you.