Tiffanee Saunders, MEd

Adjunct Professor

Areas of Interest

Working with students in ASD, inclusive education and learning. Making a more inclusive space for students with autism.

Why USD?

I’m a USD alum. I am passionate about sharing my knowledge about educating learners with ASD and how to make our schools and learning environments more inclusive.

Advice for Future Students?

Teachers are the real-life, mostly unsung superheroes! Teaching can be extremely hard but rewarding. When you need inspiration, keep the following mantra in mind: progress over perfection. You got this!

Fun Fact About Yourself?

Some could say I began my career in education early. I landed my first job at the age of 5 on Romper Room. A 20th Century educational preschool television series.

Anything else about yourself?

I consider myself to be a lifelong learner!


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