Free MEd Online virtual event: “Positive Psychology Project: Building Positive Psychological Strengths in Under-Resourced Youth”

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Join us for a virtual event on Mon., March 22 at 4:30 p.m. PT, with Dr. Ana Estrada, Associate Professor at the University of San Diego, who will share insights from an evidence-based program that aims to increase the social and emotional well-being, resilience, achievement, and engagement in school of immigrant and under-resourced youth. The Positive Psychology Project (PoPP) is a series of small group, developmentally appropriate and culturally relevant interventions and activities which include identifying, expanding and practicing character strengths such as resilience, gratitude, forgiveness, empathy, savoring and kindness, zest, nurturing social relationships, and meaning and purpose.

To date most positive psychological intervention programs are offered to adults in White European, high-income communities, or with homogenous samples such as college students, which limits the generalizability and effectiveness of this work. PoPP presents a rare opportunity to offer and evaluate evidence-based, culturally relevant positive psychological small group interventions in under-resourced, low-income Latinx, African American and Asian youth in the immigrant communities of San Diego.

This presentation will highlight and discuss the impact of PoPP in increasing students’ beliefs in oneself, beliefs in others, social-emotional competence and living an engaged life.

Register now to learn more from Dr. Estrada about the Positive Psychology Project in the latest installment of the MEd Special Topics series!

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