Headshot of Feliciana Stevenson

Feliciana Stevenson

Dance Director


I am the dance director at a high school in Northern California. I teach four levels of dance with mixed grade classes from ninth through twelfth grade. My fabulous students drive me to be a better educator. I love sharing the world of dance and movement with these young minds and finding innovative ways to bringing this to my students.

Favorite Quote

“Smile On, Pass it On” & “Dancing is acting with music.”

Why USD?

I chose USD’s online Master of Education degree because when I was gathering information on different programs this one jumped out as the leader. The classes offered for the curriculum and instruction were what I was looking for. I also liked the fact that I could do the program and still work full time. USD also has a reputation of being the best for M.Ed.

Favorite thing about the program?

I really liked the pace of the classes and the amount of time it took to complete the program. I loved that I could complete my class assignments any time I wanted while still maintaining my full time career as an educator. I also loved the classes themselves with the abundant use of technology.

How has the program impacted or influenced your work as an educator?

The program has changed my life. As the first person in my family to go to college, getting my Master’s degree was my greatest accomplishment in life. It has influenced my world as I am more knowledgeable in my content area and have grown more as an educator.

Advice For Future Students

I would tell someone that is considering USD’s Online Master of Education degree program to just do it! It is done before you know it. You learn so much and are able to use what you learn immediately as you progress through.

Would you recommend the program?

I would and have recommended this to a friend because it is a great program that you can complete while still managing your career as an educator.


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