Headshot of Greer Lally

Greer Lally

Special Education Teacher


Hi there! Over the course of my career in predominantly low-income, public school settings, I have inspired students in preschool through eighth grade. I am passionate about Universal Design for Learning, because I’m confident that it has the power to help all learners reach their greatest potential in an inclusive setting. I describe myself as an advocate for children and families first and foremost. After more than a decade teaching special education, I continue to utilize all that USD inspired within me. Inclusive education is my priority, and I continue to move and shift within special education and this beautiful country. From Illinois, to Vermont, Arizona and Virginia, and off to Oregon, I am comfortable with change and inspired to shift mindsets. I cannot say enough about USD, it provided structure to my pedagogy! I speak of this program everywhere I go, and I invite you to reach out to me to learn more.

Fun Fact

I spend my summers following my favorite band, and traveling coast to coast.

Why USD?

USD’s M.Ed. in Inclusive Learning is so specific to my career goals, and so unique to special education.

Favorite thing about the program?

I enjoyed the online format that let me continue to teach full time, as well as the modules that created a unique discussion format that I believe encouraged more involvement and reflection than the typical classroom.

How has the program impacted or influenced your work as an educator?

USD’s program helped me to redefine my teaching pedagogy, future goals, and focus on the specific aspects of special education that drive me to continue to evolve as an educator.

Advice For Future Students

Write down any and all concerns and speak to your advisor directly about them. Keep your advisor in close contact throughout the program. You are always supported at USD, so once you find that go-to person, keep them involved in your program and overall goals.

Would you recommend the program?

Without a doubt, I would recommend this program. USD has designed a strong program for working educators, with inspiring literature and projects fit to your interests, and student needs. I couldn’t imagine a better model for graduate school as a working educator.


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