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Janet Cabezut



I am currently a fourth grade teacher. I am working with my students to stay successful and motivated during this break in our routine. Helping to create a sense of well being with my students while we navigate to a new normal.

Inspiring Quote

“If we live in the past , we live with regret. If we live in the future, we live with worry. If we live in the present, we live with peace.”

Why did you choose to earn your MEd degree at USD?

I wanted a program that would allow me to explore different avenues of learning. USD allowed me to pick some of my courses that I felt were relevant to my career choice.

What was your favorite part of the MEd online program?

I learned so much, not only from the instructors, but from my fellow participants in the program. It was a great way to collaborate and get new perspectives on old concepts.

In what ways has the USD MEd online degree program influenced your work as an educator?

I have to say that right now, I would be lost without what I learned at USD. I have a greater understanding of the technology that I need to use right now with my students. If I had not participated in the program I know that I would have not been able to get up on-line and be as proficient as I am.

What advice do you have for students considering USD’s MEd online degree program?

We are entering into a new era in our world right now. We are all creating a different sense of normalcy, with that comes anxiety. Anything worth accomplishing will make you feel somewhat uncomfortable, but that means it is worth it. Being on-line now, gives us connection that we would not have otherwise. It is a safe learning environment and the professors are always willing to help.

What are the top qualities about the USD MEd online degree program that you think really stand out and lead you to recommend it to others?

The people that I met and worked with made such a big impact on me.


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