Master of Science in Engineering for Sustainability and Health

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MS in Engineering for Sustainability and Health 

Transdisciplinary Engineering for Social Good

The University of San Diego’s Master of Science in Engineering for Sustainability and Health (MESH) degree program is designed to enable professionals from multiple disciplinary and cultural backgrounds to work together to co-define problems and co-create solutions to our most pressing health and sustainability issues.  

Our goal is to unite engineering with the critical thought and larger perspective developed in areas that include but are not limited to: public health, peace and justice, sociology, anthropology, political science, development studies, architecture, design and cultural studies.

Our courses are meant to be accessible to both students and working professionals who possess adequate, relevant professional experience.

Learner Outcomes

The key goal of the Master of Science in Engineering for Sustainability and Health program is to help graduates develop innovative solutions and leadership in solving problems related to global health. 

Students will engage in critical approaches to engineering, sustainability and health as a means of achieving five specific outcomes:

  • Solve complex challenges relating to engineering, health, development, peace, ecological and justice individually and as part of a group.
  • Trace the history of development and globalization and their impacts on both the built environment and the health of ecosystems and humans.
  • Demonstrate mastery over fundamental concepts of health using different frameworks and apply these concepts to engineering solutions.
  • Explore transdisciplinary capabilities related to new and emerging sustainable technologies in key areas of waste, water, energy and food.
  • Design “Just Transitions” to sustainable, healthy and proven alternatives in a manner that is cost effective and achievable for local communities.

Having mastered these learning program goals, MESH graduates will be well positioned for leadership and managerial roles across all types of corporate, non-profit (NPO) and non-governmental organization (NGO) professions – whether as a part of existing organizations or through their own entrepreneurial initiatives.   

Program Course Curriculum

The Master of Science in Engineering for Sustainability and Health is a 30-unit project-based learning program that is designed to be completed in 20 months over five semesters. In the capstone course, students are expected to develop and complete a major project related to the application of engineering for planetary and/or human health.

Course List

Semester 1: 7 Weeks Per Course

Course Units
Engineering and the Health of the Planet 3
Health and the Built Environment 3

Semester 2: 7 Weeks Per course

Course Units
Sustainable Food 3
Sustainable Water 3

Semester 3: 7 weeks Per Course

Course Units
Sustainable Energy 3
Getting to Zero Waste 3

Semester 4: 7 Weeks Per Course

Course Units
Transitioning to Alternatives 3
Environmental Justice 3

Semester 5: 7 Weeks Per Course

Course Units
Capstone project 6

The Master of Science in Engineering for Sustainability and Health program has been developed in collaboration with a world-class faculty team. Our faculty possess educational backgrounds and working experiences that span technology, engineering, and health fields with a focus on furthering the global causes of social and eco-justice, health politics and education.

Additionally, the MESH program leverages ongoing input and insight from an advisory board of educators, consultants, directors and founders who work with NPOs, charities and international organizations committed to the promotion of peace, justice, indigenous rights and sustainability

Each instructor is committed to working closely with students who are equally as passionate about developing new, disruptive technologies that will meet the pressing global challenges of inequity, poverty, natural disasters and climate change.

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