Master of Education

Master of Education

10 Ways to Use Technology in the Classroom

You’ve probably heard a lot about the game-changing potential of using educational technology to enhance student learning — but what are some specific examples of how teachers are utilizing new types of technology in the classroom?
To find out, let’s use some tech…

Master of Education

Alumni Highlight: Adan Escobedo

Oh! Brave New World!
My name is Adan Escobedo. I have been teaching for five years and am a recent graduate of the University of San Diego’s Online Master’s program.

Master of Education

Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Ricardo Medina

Professor of Practice, Department of Learning and Teaching

Years teaching, where taught?
In my two decades as an educator, I have had the opportunity to teach at all levels of education including Vista Square Elementary, Mueller Charter School, Chula Vista Learning Community Charter High School, and San Diego State University.