Contemporary Issues in Law Enforcement and Public Safety

Course Overview

Course Description

This course examines cutting-edge issues facing law enforcement and public safety including evolving technology, legal standards regarding use of force, officer health and wellness, UAVs, facial recognition, correctional realignment, drug policy changes, bail reform, records disclosure, and more. These issues are changing the landscape of law enforcement faster than ever before; this course will help law enforcement leaders proactively prepare for their agencies to thrive in this dynamic landscape.

Course Highlights:

  • Course projects focus on recent important issues facing the law enforcement and public safety field.
  • Evolving technology topics include drones, stingrays, smart street lights, facial recognition, etc.
  • Wellness topics focus on best practices for law enforcement and public safety and holistic wellness for mind and body.
  • Students have the opportunity to explore an issue the course content did not cover that impacts their agency the most. One example might be homelessness and mental health in the community and how it dovetails with use of force policies.

Student Comments

“Each week was very beneficial. I plan to introduce many of the things I learned to my leadership. In fact, I was testing for Lieutenant in the third week of this class and a discussion of contemporary issues was one of the interview questions. I ended up getting promoted shortly after my interview!” – Summer ’22 Student

“The discussion boards continually provide a wealth of knowledge for me. Learning from leaders around the country has proven to be very valuable, and I have implemented ideas I have read from other students in my day-to-day work.” – Summer ’22 Student

“I thought this course had excellent learning materials. This course combined readings, videos, presentations, and lectures in a method that facilitated the learning process. I thought the methodology behind the presentation of the materials was critical to my success because the information was not presented in one medium. I also thought the professor did an excellent job interacting with the students in the online discussion boards. The professor was active daily in the boards and communicated with the students in a way that increased learning.” – Summer ’22 Student

“This course was amazing! It covered so many of the contemporary key issues associated with modern-day policing. The instructor presented everything in a clear and cohesive manner that made learning exciting. Also, every module and discussion was extremely well designed to cover the topics which we as leaders all share. Every day I would go into work and discuss some aspect of what I was learning and how it correlates to issues within my city and my department. I will definitely be incorporating my new knowledge into the strategic vision of my police department and am already looking forward to the next course.”
-Spring ’19 Student

“This course was the best online course I have ever taken. What I was most impressed with was the lectures and how they were presented. I loved being able to go back and listen/watch them over several times to help the information sink in.”
-Spring ’19 Student

“The course was planned out with sequential modules that played off of one another and was very informative. The discussions were fruitful and the instructor engaged the students in a professional and effective manner.”
-Spring ’19 Student

“The research papers/weekly assignments were great because they required me to research various contemporary topics at a depth that I had not done before. These assignments completely expanded my knowledge and have already been useful in my executive-level leadership role.”
-Spring ’19 Student

“Writing the memos for proposals was a very practical tool to help those of us who want to introduce new things in our agencies.”
-Spring ’19 Student

“This course gave me additional perspective to issues we currently face in law enforcement and armed me with knowledge to better lead within my agency and community alike.”
-Spring ’19 Student

“This was a great course to start off within this program. I was able to see the issues we covered from multiple perspectives, and how they affect agencies across the country. The instructor was very responsive, knowledgeable, and facilitated many great discussion.”
-Spring ’19 Student

“Course content was modern and relevant to what is occurring in today’s police agencies.”
-Spring ’19 Student

“The course showed me some actions I could take for improving my own agency without being in a leadership position just yet.”
-Spring ’19 Student

“The course forced me to objectively consider opinions about law enforcement that I formerly would have considered adversarial.”
-Spring ’19 Student

“Being exposed to so many police leaders from around the country is something I haven’t experienced since the FBINA.”
-Spring ’19 Student

“I like the exercises where I look into my own organization for case examples. I really enjoyed module 7 where we could choose a topic that was not covered in the course.”
-Spring ’19 Student


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