Hans Peter Schmitz, PhD


Research interests: governance and effectiveness of international non-governmental organizations (INGOs), digital advocacy, rights-based approaches to development, and global efforts to address noncommunicable diseases (NCDs).

Co-founder of the Transnational NGO Initiative at the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs/Syracuse University.

Scholarly Work

Mitchell, G. E., Schmitz, H. P., & Bruno-van Vijfeijken, T. (2020). Between Power and Irrelevance: The Future of Transnational NGOs. New York: Oxford UP.

Schmitz, H. P., Dedmon, J. M., Bruno-van Vijfeijken, T., & Mahoney, J. (2020). Democratizing advocacy?: How digital tools shape international non-governmental activism. Journal of Information Technology & Politics, 17 (2), 174-191.

Hall, N., Schmitz, H. P., & Dedmon, J. M. (2019). Transnational Advocacy and NGOs in the Digital Era: New Forms of Networked Power. International Studies Quarterly, 64 (1), 159–167.

Deloffre, M. Z., & Schmitz, H. P. (2019). International NGO Legitimacy. Challenges and Responses. In T. Davies (Ed.), Routledge Handbook of International NGOs and International Relations London: Routledge, 606-620.

Schmitz, H.P. 2018. International Criminal Accountability and Transnational Advocacy Networks (TANs). In: A. Gheciu and W.C. Wohlforth (Eds.), The Oxford Handbook of International Security, New York: Oxford UP, 697-710.

Mitchell, G.E., and Schmitz, H.P. 2018. The Nexus of Public and Nonprofit Management, Public Performance & Management Review 42 (1), 11-33.

Boyer, E., Kopalkov, A., and Schmitz, H.P. 2018. Do Executives Approach Leadership Differently when they are Involved in Collaborative Partnerships? A Perspective from International Nongovernmental Organizations (INGOs), Public Performance & Management Review 42 (1), 213-240.

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