Seeing Our Brokenness With Compassion

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Angela Muñoz, FST Alumna. Seeing our brokenness with compassion

Franciscan School of Theology Student Profile: Angela Muñoz

Over 20 years ago, I graduated from the Franciscan School of Theology with my MTS in Biblical Studies.
I hadn’t planned on attending a graduate school in theology at all, and yet it completely changed the direction of my life.

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I came with doubts about my place in a Roman Catholic theological school because I had come to believe I was unwelcome and unwanted; at FST, I learned that the Franciscan tradition was full of men and women lay and religious, who broke from the cultural traditions and expectation of their times and sought a path that more closely mirrored God’s vision of love for themselves and the entire creation.

Through this academic and spiritual community, I learned that Franciscanism recognizes our brokenness, but encourages us to see ourselves as God does with compassion, kindness and unconditional love.

We can then go forth and choose to be bridges of understanding, conduits of healing, and instruments of peace in whatever way our gifts and skills may lead.

After I graduated from FST, I began a nearly 17 year career in Higher Education Administration. I took with me a bedrock of Franciscanism to recognize the beauty and dignity of all those I encountered in my various roles and institutions.

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I am profoundly grateful to the Franciscan School of Theology for not just my career, but purveying the simple and powerful truth I am loved by God.

Angela Muñoz, Franciscan School of Theology Alumna
MTS Biblical Studies
Volunteer Coordinator, Krause for Commissioner Campaign


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