Top 31 Teacher Blogs: Because Educators Love Lifelong Learning

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Most teachers are dedicated lifelong learners. Many are motivated by a passion to become even better at creating meaningful educational experiences for their students, and are constantly pursuing professional development opportunities, both big and small.

That’s one of the reasons there are so many teacher blogs out there — virtual spaces where educators share stories, info and insights on teaching trends, creative classroom strategies, news and current events, helpful resources and so much more.  

We’ve created this Guide to Top Teacher Blogs to help you discover and enjoy insights from fellow educators, all intended to inform and inspire.

Top Blog for Teachers [All Grades]

Let’s start with a terrific educator blog that spans multiple categories and earns a spot on many “top teacher blog” lists:

Cult of Pedagogy

Run by a self-proclaimed team “committed to making you more awesome in the classroom,” Cult of Pedagogy was launched in 2013 by former middle school teacher Jennifer Gonzalez. With this site, Gonzalez strives to host “a vibrant, encouraging, stimulating community of teachers, supporting each other toward excellence.”

The Cult of Pedagogy blog is divided into the following “three big buckets”:

  • The Craft: Fine-tuning our practice (subcategories: Instruction, Classroom Management, Technology, Equity)
  • Go Deep: Exploring theory and reaching beyond the classroom (subcategories: Learning Theory, Leadership, Career & PD, Book Reviews, Hot Topics)
  • Teacher Soul: The things we don’t talk about often enough, but should (subcategories: Attitude Adjustments, Working Together, Inspiration, Stories)

“This last category is my favorite,” says Gonzalez, “because it’s where we get into the guts, the raw emotions of teaching.” Her blog also features dozens of helpful videos and a podcast.

Best Blogs for Primary Education Teachers

These resources dive deep into early childhood education teaching methods and topics.

Teacher Tom

Teacher Tom (aka Tom Hobson) is a Seattle-based preschool teacher, blogger, speaker, artist and the author of two books featuring stories from the classroom about his innovative play-based curriculum. He covers a wide range of topics in his daily blog (launched in 2009 and subtitled “Teaching and Learning from Preschoolers”). “The kids I teach are learning the way humans are meant to learn,” says Hobson. “[They’re] taking risks, falling down, making their own choices, getting dirty, agreeing to their own rules, and engaging in real life experiences like growing food and dealing with conflict.”

Primary Punch

Featuring a lively, colorful layout and a friendly welcome from blogger Deana Kahlenberg, Primary Punch shares resources, tips and advice on a wide range of topics for elementary school educators, speech teachers and others. Kahlenberg, a school-based speech-language pathologist and former classroom teacher in North Carolina, engages readers from the perspective of both an accomplished educator and the mother of a first-grader.

Teach Junkie

Featuring stories by educators and writers, plus access to lots of free resources, Teach Junkie is hosted by a kindergarten teacher as a “place for creative, free teaching ideas and activities for kindergarten through fifth grade.” Teach Junkie was started by a kindergarten teacher named Leslie who claims that “One of my favorite things to do is collect lots of ideas in one place so that you save time looking for the best stuff online.” Leslie’s blog breaks down its offerings by grade level (K–5), by core subject (Science, Language Arts, Math) and by additional categories (Art, Bright Ideas, Classroom Management, etc.).

Learning in Wonderland

With a colorful, young-at-heart visual presentation plus a wealth of resources, ideas and how-to posts, Learning in Wonderland was founded in 2012 by an Arizona second grade teacher named Maribel “to meet other teachers that were passionate about education.” Maribel shares activities, book reviews and helpful posts such as Editable Lesson Plan Templates and Reading Comprehension Mini Books.

Teaching with a Mountain View

“Resources and Classroom Ideas to Engage, Enrich, Inspire.” That’s the motto of Teaching with a Mountain View, whose recent posts range from the straightforward (How to Teach Descriptive Writing in Upper Elementary) to the whimsical (Classroom April Fools’ Day Pranks). Your host, Colorado primary school teacher Mary Montero, also leads a Facebook group (Inspired in Upper Elementary; 31,000+ members) whose mission is to “share real classrooms, classroom ideas, to ask and answer questions about teaching, and support one another.”

Best Blogs for Secondary Education Teachers

With slightly more advanced content that speaks to older students’ needs, these resources should be in every high school teacher’s virtual toolkit.


This leading education blog claims it is “more than a website” — it is “a proud community of educators…who share ideas, resources, and stories of the amazing things happening in classrooms around the country.” Key blog categories include: Classroom Ideas, Teacher Life, School Leadership, Career Info, Free Printables and more. The Newsletters section offers 12 different areas of focus and the About page invites teachers to write for the site.


Founded and directed by author and former classroom teacher Terry Heick, TeachThought embraces a thoroughly serious approach to the practice of education. Its mission: “to innovate education through the growth of innovative teachers.” It pursues this mission through “thought leadership, professional development, resource curation, curriculum development, podcast publishing” and creative collaboration. Sample headlines of recent high-level content include: The Characteristics of a Highly Effective Learning Environment and 50 Alternatives To Lecturing In The Classroom.

Catlin Tucker

Dr. Catlin R. Tucker is a bestselling author, international trainer, speaker and blogger. She was named Teacher of the Year in 2010 in Sonoma County, where she taught for 16 years. Her blog focuses on “practical learning strategies that work online, blended or in-person.” Sample posts include “Classroom Routines Eliminate Chaos and Confusion” and “Could Doing Less in Education Give Everyone More?” Several of Tucker’s books explore her deep interest in the practice of blended learning, such as “Balance with Blended Learning: Partner with Your Students to Reimagine Learning and Reclaim Your Life.”

Best Blogs for Higher Education

Young adults in college need instructors who bring their A-game. University professors and lecturers lead busy lives, so having resources like these at their fingertips can help make their jobs a little easier.

Today’s Adult Learner [Univ. of San Diego MEd Blog]

Brought to you by our online Master of Education degree program, the Today’s Adult Learner education blog publishes thought leadership articles on diverse topics of interest to K–12 teachers and university instructors alike, as well as real-life stories about teachers pursuing higher education and the passionate MEd instructors who make our program so special. Here are just a few quick examples:

Higher Ed Dive

Higher Ed Dive “provides in-depth journalism and insight into the most impactful news and trends shaping higher education.” Visitors can scroll timely high education news headlines and explore sections like Deep Dive (industry insights from journalists), Opinion (the latest opinion pieces by industry thought leaders) and Library (industry research and insights). Additional features include a roundup of What We’re Reading and a free newsletter.

World Education News + Reviews

Founded in 1987, World Education News & Reviews is “an authoritative news and information source for professionals in international education.” WENR keeps readers abreast of education developments around the world and features practical “how-to” articles on credential evaluation, international admissions, recruiting and more, plus up-to-date profiles of the educational systems of countries around the globe.

Diverse: Issues in Higher Education

Founded in 1984, Diverse: Issues in Higher Education (Diverse, for short) describes itself as “the preeminent source of critical news, information and insightful commentary on the full range of issues concerning diversity in American higher education.” The website, home to a biweekly print magazine, describes its mission as “helping to build the educational, cultural, social and economic structures necessary to allow every individual to reach his or her full potential.”

Faculty Focus

This crowd-sourced website publishes three articles per week written by professionals working in education around the globe. The website’s editors are always looking for submissions from instructors, teachers, instructional designers and more who can provide insight into what works — and what doesn’t — in their classrooms.


Ellucian provides software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions designed specifically for higher education instruction. Their solutions help educators leverage student data to create and deliver better lessons, and their blog features some of “the latest thinking about higher education trends, innovations, and challenges.” Posts address topical issues of data security in higher education, as well as some of the top concerns in colleges today (“What’s the value of a college degree for employers?”).

Best Blogs for Education Specialties

There are hundreds of thousands of online resources for teachers in every field. Below, we’ve assembled some of the best resources to explore in your subject area.

Best Blogs for EdTech & Innovative Teaching

Expertise in educational technology (ed tech for short) is quickly becoming a must-have for teachers across subject specialties. Understanding and cultivating an awareness of the innovative classroom tools available helps teachers at any grade level remain agile and future-ready, capable of meeting the expectations of students and the demands of their future employers.

The Cool Cat Teacher Blog

This site’s main calling card is teacher “hacks,” whether you want a refresher on differentiated instruction, need a tutorial on a trendy new tech tool or are simply in search of ways to spice up your well-worn classroom activities.

Teaching With Technology

This blog acknowledges that not all teachers are well-versed or even comfortable with teaching technologies. High school social studies teacher Bethany Petty seeks to demystify ed tech through a warm, frank approach.

Free Technology for Teachers

Computer science teacher Richard Byrne supports educators with easy how-to technology tutorials, from adjusting the volume on your Google Slides to walks-throughs of virtual reality programs.

I Heart EDU

This blog seeks to address social-emotional learning through technology, with the goal of helping teachers become better student advocates in the process.

iLearn Technology

Technology specialist Kelly Tenkely uses her blog and various side projects to “help teachers fall in love with technology the way that their students have.”

Best Blogs for English & Writing Teachers

Language arts can have a profound effect on students, especially when their teachers help them discover the power of words in unique and engaging ways. These sites are essential resources for ELA and literacy teachers across grade levels.

Two Writing Teachers

This crew of writing teachers (now more than two) is led by literacy specialist Stacey Shubitz. The site contains straightforward walk-throughs of ELA teaching methods as well as candid “Slice of Life” blog posts from real working teachers.

A(nother) Year of Reading (this blog was previously A Year of Reading)

This blog is refreshed every couple of days with engaging activities, musings on teaching English and book recommendations for specific grade levels.

EFL Magazine

Geared specifically toward ESL and EFL teachers, this online magazine contains articles like “Five Icebreaker Activities For EFL Students” and “10 Strategies For Building Rapport With Students.”

Best Blogs for STEM and STEAM Teachers

Those four or five little letters are on everyone’s mind these days. Science, technology, engineering and mathematics skills continue to be some of the most in-demand abilities in today’s job market. An interest in STEM subjects can start very young, so STEM and STEAM teaching expertise is becoming increasingly valuable at all grade levels. Here are some resources that can support teachers in engaging their students in exciting STEM and STEAM topics.

Beyond the Worksheet

A site with “hacks” for math teachers to engage hesitant students.


Both a blog and a resource hub, this site is a treasure box of tools for math teachers — and some very honest blog posts from its founder.

Mr. Math Blog

A DIY site that’s truly a passion project of a very dedicated high school math teacher. Full lesson plans are available, and you can even schedule Mr. Math himself to teach a Zoom lesson.

Yummy Math

This blog seeks to make math truly hands-on, offering age-appropriate activities for learners in second grade through high school.

I Am a Scientist

This collective of educators and STEM professionals is committed to furthering equitable, accessible STEM education that inspires young people to enter the field. The Educator Portal provides toolkits and resources to introduce new concepts to students of all ages.

CoderZ Blog

Yes, the CoderZ blog is attached to a specific product, but their blog contains some easy-to-digest explanations of coding and robotics, plus general classroom science activities (just for fun).

Art Class Curator

Since art education (the “A” in STEAM) covers so many mediums and disciplines, art teachers benefit from having a wide range of resources at their brush tips. This site compiles an eclectic list of art education blogs created to inspire.

Best Blogs for Current Events & Educational Policy

Perpetual digital connectivity and the 24-hour news cycle mean that more young people than ever before are aware of current events. Since most young people spend a significant part of their lives in school, it’s their teachers’ responsibility to help them navigate complex issues and learn how to become engaged citizens in their communities.

Education Week

Kids are sponges, soaking up everything around them even when you think they aren’t listening. “America’s most trusted resource for K-12 education news” publishes articles and think pieces about issues that directly impact school-aged children, and even provides teachers with age-appropriate talking points to help them address current events with their classes.

The José Vilson

Educator and speaker José Vilson takes cues from civil rights activists as he maintains his “politically-oriented race-centric education blog.” His site serves as a powerful resource for BIPOC teachers (and students) to navigate some of the most challenging and nuanced subjects to address in schools.

NYC Educator

This blog is not for the faint of heart. Its writer, Arthur Goldstein, takes a no-holds-barred approach to teachers’ unions, benefits, administrative quagmire and disengaged students. Recommended only for those with the stomach for brutal honesty about the teaching profession.

eSchool News

eSchool News takes a gentler, albeit candid, approach to current issues in education. Articles cover topics like teacher shortages and cyber attacks while providing helpful tech-informed tips.

Additional Resources for Teachers: Graduate Schools & Alumni Networks

Sometimes, the most valuable resources are the people who’ve gone or are going through similar professional experiences. Graduate schools with Master of Education programs are excellent places to connect with like-minded individuals who can speak to what works for them, recommend helpful resources and show how you can leverage online resources to build the best educational content and experiences you can.

If you’re an educator in search of your next great online tool, reach out to the University of San Diego MEd Online program today. We’ll be happy to recommend resources and even connect you with some of our alumni.

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