Top 20 Machine Learning Bootcamps [+ Selection Guide]

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Top 20 Machine Learning Bootcamps

Are you considering ways to elevate your machine learning or artificial intelligence career? Are you looking to secure an entry-level machine learning position but don’t have much experience? 

A machine learning bootcamp can be a rewarding experience for skilled professionals looking to gain industry knowledge, learn specialized skills and connect with experts in the field. In this guide, we highlight some of the top programs and provide tips on how to find the right ML bootcamp for your career goals.

20 Machine Learning Bootcamps

Please note that this list is not exhaustive. The bootcamps are listed in alphabetical order and are not ranked in any particular way.

  1. 4Geeks Academy

Licensed by the Florida Department of Education, 4Geeks Academy specializes in coding and was named one of the top 10 coding bootcamps in the U.S. by Newsweek. The AI/Machine Learning Engineering track consists of three classes per week for 15 weeks. The syllabus features the following topics: Python, data science for AI, practical machine learning and how to deploy and maintain AI solutions. Some of the program’s highlights include lifetime career support, a 1:5 teacher to student ratio and unlimited one-on-one mentoring.

  1. Bloom Institute of Technology 

Billing itself as “the online coding school that invests in you,” the Bloom Institute of Technology offers courses in data science, full stack web development and backend development — in addition to a free coding course on HTML and CSS. The 6-month online data science course includes topics such as Python, machine learning, deep learning and ML ops and natural language processing. The live, online course requires a time commitment of two hours per day, four days per week for six months. Applicants can apply for a BloomTech Unlocking Potential Scholarship to help with funding. 

  1. BrainStation 

In addition to data science, web development, UX design and digital marketing bootcamps, BrainStation offers an online machine learning course. Participants will “learn to apply machine learning concepts to the real-world business problems your organization faces.” The course is available at BrainStation campuses in New York, Miami, Toronto, Vancouver or London; there is also an online option. Participants will learn basic methodology, problem-solving methods, the machine learning process and best practices. 

  1. Codesmith

Codesmith’s bootcamp includes a unit on machine learning defined as “an immersive introduction to the Python programming language” where students will become familiar with ML and data science libraries in addition to “developing a deep understanding of the underlying concepts used daily by machine learning engineers.” The bootcamp offers full-time and part-time options. Graduates have been hired by top companies such as Amazon, Google, NPR, Hulu and Netflix.  

  1. DataCamp

DataCamp offers more than 300 courses, many of which are related to machine learning. A few examples include: Machine Learning for Everyone, Machine Learning With Tree-Based Models in Python and Machine Learning for Business. Participants can also choose from a skill track, which is shorter and offers “targeted expertise in skills employers are looking for,” or a career track that covers “all the skills you need to kickstart and advance your career in a particular role.” The career track includes positions like Machine Learning Scientist, Data Scientist and Python Programmer, among others. 

  1. The Data Incubator

Modules in The Data Incubator’s training curriculum include topics such as Essential Data Tools, Advanced Machine Learning, Advanced Machine Learning with Natural Language Processing and Practical Machine Learning. The modules are 3–5 day workshops with customizable content. Applicants can also choose from three programs — Data Science Bootcamp, Data Science & Engineering Bootcamp or Data Science Essentials. 

  1. Data Science Dojo

The Data Science Bootcamp is designed “to bring you the best practical exposure in the world of data science, programming, and machine learning.” The program includes a mix of hands-on activities and lectures, office hours and mentoring. The 16-week bootcamp features topics such as storytelling with data and cross validation. Data Science Dojo also offers a one-week Introduction to Python for Data Science course that includes an introduction to ML in Python. 

  1. Flatiron School 

Flatiron School offers tracks in software engineering, data science, cybersecurity and product design. Though the company doesn’t offer specialized machine learning-focused routes, participants can sign up for two free courses that are relevant to a career in ML. The first is an introduction to coding workshop in which students will learn about API integrations, Ruby and JavaScript. The second is a workshop on Python basics. 

  1. Great Learning

Great Learning partners with colleges and universities around the country to offer programs in data science, artificial intelligence and machine learning, cloud computing, cybersecurity and more. The AI/ML track includes programs such as Applied Data Science Program and MIT Data Science and Machine Learning Program. There is also an Applications for Artificial Intelligence Program designed for high school students. All programs are online. 

  1. Heicoders Academy

Heicoders Academy offers two tracks — artificial intelligence and web development. Within AI, the Python Programming and Data Visualization course sets the foundation while Applied Machine Learning serves as an intermediate-level option. The company is a “Tech Education provider that seeks to upskill individuals and develop their technical competencies to be relevant to current industry standards.” Students also have lifetime access to the academy’s e-learn portal. 

  1. Kal Academy

A nonprofit dedicated to “bridging the technology skills gap for the benefit of women and underrepresented minorities,” Kal Academy’s offerings include bootcamps in software development, web development and artificial intelligence. The Artificial Intelligence Deep Stack Bootcamp covers topics such as Python basics for data science, machine learning algorithms and deep learning algorithms. Kal Academy welcomes everyone from students with no tech experience to skilled coders looking to advance their career.

  1. Metis

One of the bootcamps offered by Metis is the online Data Science and Machine Learning program. Available in a part-time, online flex format, the bootcamp allows students to study on-demand lessons with 1:1 instructor support available. The time commitment is approximately 15-20 hours per week for 28 weeks. The program also offers a scholarship for women, members of underrepresented groups, the LGBTQ community or U.S. millitary veterans. Upon graduation students attend a “career week” to help secure a position in the field.

  1. MIT Professional Education

The Professional Certificate Program in Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence offered by MIT Professional Education is designed for professionals with at least three years of experience who hold a bachelor’s degree in a technical area. Taught by MIT faculty experts, the program consists of at least 16 days of qualifying courses, which typically take place during the summer on MIT’s campus. Core courses include Machine Learning for Big Data and Text Processing (foundational and advanced) and electives such as Machine Learning for Healthcare and Reinforcement Learning. 

  1. NYC Data Science Academy

Choose from a data science or data analytics bootcamp, or elect to take individual courses on topics such as Introductory Python and Data Science with Python: Machine Learning. Bundle courses are also an option. The Data Science with Machine Learning bootcamp is 12 weeks, either in-person or virtual and live. The in-person bootcamp is full-time as students are expected to commit at least 40 hours per week with a 9:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. class schedule. Online bootcamps are available in full-time (16 weeks) and part-time (24 weeks) options. 

  1. Simplilearn

Simplilearn partners with colleges and universities to offer 1,500 live classes every month. Related bootcamps include the Post Graduate Program in AI and Machine Learning and the Post Graduate Program in Data Science. Students can also opt for certification programs or free courses that include topics such as Machine Learning R and Getting Started with Machine Learning Algorithms. 

  1. Tech Elevator

Though it doesn’t offer ML-specific courses, Tech Elevator’s coding and career prep bootcamp “is designed to provide the most efficient and highest quality path to a career in tech.” Topics include an introduction to programming, building and consuming APIs, front-end JavaScript frameworks and project-based code reviews. Choose from an in-person or online format with full-time (14 weeks) and part-time (30 weeks) options.

  1. Thinkful

In this 6-month, online Data Science Bootcamp, students will take courses on analytics and experimentation, supervised and unsupervised machine learning and specializations in data science. The self-paced lessons are a time commitment of 15-20 hours per week with optional office hours and no requirements to begin. 

  1. Udacity

The Udacity School for Artificial Intelligence offers 15 AI nano-degree programs, 53 courses and 49 unique projects. Students can take courses ranging from beginner to advanced with titles such as Intro to Machine Learning (PyTorch), Machine Learning DevOps Engineer and Deep Learning. The nanodegree program AWS Machine Learning Engineer is “designed to help you take advantage of the growing need for skilled machine learning professionals.” With a 5-month time commitment averaging 5-10 hours per week, participants should enter the program with a preliminary understanding of ML algorithms and Python programming. 

  1. Udemy 

Udemy allows students to choose from 183,000 online video courses with more being added each month. Topics range from design and development to music and photography with Udemy offering a variety of options related to Python, web development and machine learning. Some of the most popular ML offerings include Machine Learning A-Z: Hands-On Python & R in Data Science and Introduction to Machine Learning for Data Science. Udemy may be a more cost-effective option with some courses priced below $100. 

  1. Xccelerate

Xccelerate’s Data Science & Machine Learning course is a 6-week, part-time commitment with basic programming skills encouraged. Students can opt for a hybrid flex or remote learning option. Units topics include Python for Data Science, Theories on Machine Learning and Applications of Machine Learning. 

Machine Learning Career Outlook

The future of machine learning is extremely bright with the U.S. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicting employment of computer and information technology occupations to grow 15% from 2021 to 2031 (with a projection to add about 682,800 new jobs). Plus, if you want to work in machine learning, the skills you acquire in bootcamps or master’s degree programs will lend themselves to a variety of related careers, including:

  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Data Scientist
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) Scientist
  • Business Intelligence (BI) Developer
  • Human-Centered Machine Learning Designer
  • Software Engineer
  • Software Developer
  • Computational Linguist

How to Select the Right ML Bootcamp

Here are some helpful tips as you consider whether a bootcamp is the right choice for your ML career:

  • Do your research. Read online reviews and see what others have said about particular courses or programs. If possible, speak with someone who has first-hand knowledge or experience — or who has recently graduated. 
  • Ask questions. If you have questions about a particular program or course, just ask! Talk to the instructors or a program director for more information.  
  • Seek out professionals in the field. Do you have a network of AI and ML colleagues? If so, reach out and see what bootcamps they recommend. 
  • Utilize LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a powerful resource when it comes to networking and connections. Join AI/ML-specific groups and ask your bootcamp questions in an online forum. 
  • Consider your budget and the time commitment. Bootcamps vary in price (ranging from less than $100 per course to thousands of dollars), so it’s important to compare programs and see what realistically fits your budget. In many cases, financing options and scholarships are available. Also, many are offered in part-time or full-time capacity, so you’ll need to determine what works with your schedule.
  • Examine job postings. Look at jobs on popular sites like LinkedIn and Indeed and see if they require any specialized skills or knowledge offered by the bootcamps.


What is a machine learning bootcamp?

A machine learning bootcamp is a program that offers specialized ML skills and knowledge. It’s often shorter than a master’s degree program.

How long does an ML bootcamp take to complete?

It depends on the program and whether you select a part-time or full-time option. Most bootcamps range from a few months to a year.

What is the average cost of a ML bootcamp?

Again, this depends on the program and your time commitment. Some individual ML courses are less than $100 while full-time, immersive ML bootcamps may range from a few thousand dollars to upwards of $20,000. Many programs offer payment plans, financial aid and scholarships to help offset the cost. You could also look into whether your employer will fund all or part of a bootcamp.

Is a bootcamp enough to help my artificial intelligence career?

The right bootcamp will certainly help any artificial intelligence or machine learning career. If you’re looking for more in-depth knowledge or want to take your career even further, you may consider an AI master’s degree program, which is typically longer and significantly more robust.

What is the difference between an AI bootcamp and an ML bootcamp?

The bootcamps will be very similar and, in some cases, the content may overlap since machine learning falls under the umbrella of artificial intelligence. ML bootcamps are more specific to ML practices, techniques and knowledge.

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