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Your Career in Artificial Intelligence

High-paying career opportunities in artificial intelligence and related disciplines continue to expand across a broad spectrum of industries, with the market for AI engineers growing at a rapid pace of about 30% year over year. Though analysts expect AI to displace some jobs, forecasts call for 133 million new jobs requiring AI professionals by 2022.

The average salary for an artificial intelligence programmer is said to range from $100,000 to $150,000. Salaries are significantly higher for artificial intelligence engineers, averaging $171,715 with the top 25% earning above $200,000, according to one job search site.

Industry insights


Average salary for AI Engineer (ZipRecruiter)

$100000 – $150000

Average salary range for AI Programmer (

Careers in Artificial Intelligence

An AI master’s degree is ideal for candidates who plan to work within a business organization that requires the application of AI-based tools and techniques for developing intelligent systems, algorithms, and automated data-driven decision making. Program graduates will be well-prepared for success in technical positions in a variety of industries.

Artificial Intelligence Engineer

AI engineers are problem solvers who work with machine learning techniques like natural language processing and neural networks to build models that power AI-based applications.

  • Projected Salary:
Machine Learning Engineer

Machine learning engineers are involved with developing software that learns from data and builds automated, predictive models to derive insights and solve problems.

  • Projected Salary:
Business Intelligence Analyst

BI analysts are responsible for transforming data into insights that drive value for their organization and communicating such opportunities to company decision-makers.

  • Projected Salary:
Machine Learning Applied Researcher

Machine Learning Applied Researchers conduct research, design and develop statistics and machine learning based solutions.

  • Projected Salary:
Applied Machine Learning Specialist

Applied Machine Learning Specialists design and develop machine learning and deep learning systems.

  • Projected Salary:

*Salary estimates from employment sites such as U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, LinkedIn, Springboard, Glassdoor, ZipRecruiter, Indeed, etc. Estimates often update in real time based on changing data

Take the Next Step in Your Artificial Intelligence Career

Student Success Network

We are committed to connecting our students with a broad range of AI stakeholders, including members of our faculty and Advisory Board, to enhance their educational and professional development and help them take the next step in their careers.

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As part of the University of San Diego’s role as a thought leader in the artificial intelligence sphere, we regularly publish blog posts about industry trends, the employment outlook, and artificial intelligence career strategies, as well as additional information resources.

Consider Earning Your Master’s in Artificial Intelligence?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ideally, what are some key skills and knowledge to have in advance of taking MS in Applied Artificial Intelligence courses?

Applicants should have some knowledge and experience with Calculus and Linear Algebra. Students will also be expected to have some familiarity with reading and writing computer code.

How much programming experience is required?

Applicants should have some knowledge and experience in at least one of the following programming languages: Python, C, and Matlab.

Describe the course content for AAI 501 and 502 (1st Semester courses).

These are foundational courses and are comprised of a good deal of textbook learning, reading and assignments.

How much does the online artificial intelligence master’s degree cost in tuition?

The Master of Science in Applied Artificial Intelligence online program is 30 total credits at $925 per credit, for a total tuition of $27,750. Thanks to available federal financial aid, most students find the program to be a valuable, affordable investment that quickly pays for itself.

Does USD offer career development/advising support?

The University of San Diego is committed to steering you on a path toward educational and professional success. Right from the start, you’ll receive support and guidance from experienced University of San Diego advisors who are invested in helping you achieve your education goals!

What is the Next Step?

Now that you’ve done gathered some “intelligence” about the University of San Diego’s Master of Science in Applied Artificial Intelligence degree program, a great next step is to start a conversation with a USD enrollment advisor who can answer all of your questions and offer more insight into this life-changing opportunity.