Master of Science in Applied Artificial Intelligence

Leading-Edge AI Curriculum Tailored to the Needs of Industries and Employers

Widely regarded as the next frontier in using complex technology to solve human problems and challenges, artificial intelligence is still evolving and promises to yield both known and unknown innovations in the coming years (self-driving automobiles represent perhaps the most high-profile application of AI).

The University of San Diego’s online Master of Science in Applied Artificial Intelligence (MS-AAI) curriculum is designed to equip graduates with the technical strategies and skills they will use to apply powerful analytical tools to real-world applications. The program culminates in a Capstone experience that pairs them with fellow students, instructors, and potential industry partners on an in-depth project that hones their ability to apply their skills in the workplace.

Program graduates will be equipped to:

  • Develop technologies within organizations for the deployment of AI-based systems and software for automated decision making.
  • Successfully apply principles and techniques of AI such as machine learning, computer vision, and neural networks to tackle problems in industry related to technology, operations, health care, defense, finance, marketing, and corporate development.
  • Apply ethical standards, privacy preserving techniques, and socially responsible practices to the collection, dissemination, and analysis of data for data-driven business decision making.
  • Be effective leaders and managers in articulating the value of AI-based systems and software for organizations and corporations.
  • Apply AI-based techniques and decision making for solving engineering problems while advancing the social good.

Designed to be completed in 20 months over five semesters, the program requires students to complete two 7-week-long courses each semester — beginning with two introductory courses — for a total of 30 academic units. The master’s degree you will earn as an online graduate student is of the same quality and rigor as that earned by campus-based students.

The MS-AAI program has been developed by artificial intelligence experts and faculty in close collaboration with key industry and government stakeholders to provide in-depth practical and technical training. Overall, the program is designed to position graduates for career success in this exciting and fast-growing field.

All courses in the program are instructor-led and asynchronous, enabling you to work on your assignments on your own schedule while still meeting deadlines. If you are balancing coursework with a full-time job or other time commitments, asynchronous learning offers you a great deal of flexibility. Materials needed for assignments are readily accessible so you can access them and do your classwork when the time is right for you.

The courses are specially designed for online learning with the course content prepared by your professor with input and support from the academic director and the program’s board of advisors. In addition, professors may choose to offer live virtual events, however, such events are optional, and all live sessions will be recorded. Attendance during live events is always optional in consideration of any students that may not be available during those designated times.


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