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Online MS in Applied Data Science Advisory Board

The University of San Diego’s MS in Applied Data Science degree program focuses on continuous improvement, gaining insight used to enhance curriculum immediacy and relevance through ongoing consultations with its Advisory Board and with a broad range of data science experts and managers. It is a key component in our mission to function as a respected data science thought leader organization and to develop current and future generations of  “essential data scientists.”

Navid Alipour
Damien Benveniste
Damien Benveniste, PhD
Machine Learning Technical Lead
Michael Cavaretta, MS, PHD
Headshot of Jules Malin
Jules Malin, MS
Adjunct Professor
Headshot of Ion Nemteanu
Ion Nemteanu, MS
Adjunct Professor
Eva Pereira, MPA
Deputy Chief Data Officer, City of Los Angeles
Brandon Quach
Brandon Quach
Principal Data Scientist and Manager, Teradata
Albert Wang
Director, Qualcomm Ventures
Eric Colson, MS
Advisor of Data Science/Machine Learning

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