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Master of Education

To graduate with a Master of Education degree from USD, students must complete 30 credit hours. For students who need financial assistance, financial aid is available. In addition to financial aid, the University of San Diego and other organizations offer scholarships and grants for aspiring USD students looking to further their education.

Teach Grant

Students enrolling in the University of San Diego’s online Master of Education degree are eligible to apply for the TEACH Grant. To assess if you qualify, please visit the Federal Student Aid website for more information and to review the eligibility criteria.

Diocesan of San Diego Employee Scholarship

Candidate Description: Applicants must be a SOLES student in good standing and be an employee who works full-time for the Diocese of San Diego.

Purpose: This is an annually renewable grant for students who are full-time employees of the Catholic Diocese of San Diego, including parish schools and agencies.

More Information: The scholarship is based on unit enrollment and is subject to the amount of other academic scholarships. Applications are due two weeks prior to the start of the term.

SOLES Global Studies Scholar Award

Candidate Description: The Global Center awards this scholarship to students with limited travel experience and who identify as BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color).

More Information: Applications will be accepted during September and can be applied to fulfill the international requirement courses offered throughout the academic year.

Deadline(s): Friday, September 1st, 2023

SOLES Graduate Student Association Grant (SGSA)

Purpose: In an effort to support the development of a professional, scholastic and social community within SOLES, the SGSA will award supplemental grants up to the amount of $200.00 per semester to SOLES graduate students who wish to participate in various professional development opportunities. Funding is limited, and grants are awarded based on the number of requests, the current SGSA budget, and other criteria established by the SGSA. The SGSA encourages graduate students to seek out new and innovative methods of learning through activities that are outside the traditional classroom experience. In order to be considered for a grant, graduate students must be in good standing with the university. 

More Information: All applications submitted on time will be reviewed and evaluated by the SGSA Finance Committee immediately following the deadline. Please be advised that if you are selected as a recipient of an SGSA Supplemental grant, the notification of awards takes place after the submission deadline, and recipients will receive their funds as a reimbursement after the professional development opportunity takes place as you will be required to submit original receipts.

Please contact SGSA at [email protected] with any questions you may have regarding the SGSA Supplemental Grant Application, guidelines and/or process.

Award: $200

Torero Network Alumni Scholarships

Purpose: Alumni and student donors enrich the student experience to support current and future students by establishing alumni-endowed and class legacy scholarships.

More Information: Please visit this link for more information.

Please contact SGSA at [email protected] with any questions you may have regarding the SGSA Supplemental Grant Application, guidelines and/or process.

W. Scott McIntyre Memorial Scholarship

Purpose: This scholarship award is in memory of W. Scott McIntyre, who received his business degree from the University of San Diego. McIntyre was very interested in real estate and finance, however, he maintained a passion for education and those involved in furthering their goals through education. Despite an untimely death, his passion and generosity are recognized through this scholarship program named in his honor.

The scholarship will be awarded to qualified students who share a similar passion for learning and are enrolled in one of the graduate programs in the School of Leadership and Education Sciences. The scholarship is made possible due to the generosity of a private donor from the San Diego Foundation.

Students are encouraged to apply for a number of scholarships offered through SOLES. Please visit the SOLES scholarships page for more information regarding existing scholarships.

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Insights and Strategies on a vitally important topic — brought to you by Dr. Lathan, program director, University of San Diego online M.Ed. program.

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