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Our Master of Education students and alumni are not only accomplished teachers and scholars committed to academic excellence, but they are also engaged in improving practices in a broad range of fields and interests. Our graduates consistently indicate that their experience at USD played an integral role in their professional trajectory. Connect with our students and find out more.

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Headshot of Kelly Young
Kelly Young
Classroom Teacher
Headshot of Feliciana Stevenson
Feliciana Stevenson
Dance Director
Headshot of Kirsten Anderson
Kirsten Anderson
Art Educator (Preschool-7th Grade)
Amy Zapatka Cedin, Ed.D.
Educator Success Manager
Headshot of Greer Lally
Greer Lally
Special Education Teacher
Headshot of Janet Cabezut
Janet Cabezut
Headshot of Lindsey Bird
Lindsey Bird
Teach and Language Institute Coordinator