Master of Science in Engineering, Sustainability and Health


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Faculty committed to working towards a more sustainable and just future.

All of the MESH instructors bring their unique combination of academic and industry experience together to embody our mission of transdisciplinary education. Our faculty’s work bridges the gaps between engineering, sustainability and health in order to further the causes of social and ecological justice, global health politics and the empowerment of marginalized and indigenous communities.

As a student, you can look forward to instruction, mentoring and project-based work that will challenge your existing knowledge frameworks in order to enable new, more effective and just means of solving global health and ecological problems. 

Caroline Baillie, PhD
Dr. Caroline Baillie
Academic Director MESH, Professor Engineering and Social Justice
Paul Kadetz Professor of Practice/Co-Director of the Masters in Engineering, Sustainability, and Health
Dr. Paul I Kadetz
Professor of Practice in the Shiley-Marcos School of Engineering at USD, founding co-director of MESH.   Senior Lecturer in the Institute for Global Health and Development at Queen Margaret University and more…
Dr. Julia Cantzler
Associate Professor of Sociology at the University of San Diego
Dr. Odesma Dalrymple
Associate Professor and Director of the Engineering Exchange for Social Justice
Dr. Kristen Goodrich
Coastal Training Program Coordinator at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Tijuana River National Estuarine Research Reserve
Headshot of Willy Oppenheim
Dr. Willy Oppenheim
Educator, a researcher, and the leader of a social enterprise at Omprakash; Subject Matter Expert for MESH capstone
Ned McMahon
Ned McMahon
Founder and CEO of Primo Energy, hybrid wind and solar renewable energy company
Dr. Andrea Haverkamp
Dr. Andrea Haverkamp
Climate justice, queer student experiences in STEM, and engineering ethics
Dr. Roman Sidortsov profile picture
Dr. Roman Sidortsov
Associate Professor of Energy Policy at Michigan Technological University, and more
Dr. Shehla Arif
Dr. Shehla Arif
Social and ecological dimensions of engineering work
Dr. Eric Brubaker
Dr. Eric Brubaker
Complex Systems Engineer at NASA Langley Research Center
Dr. Jessica Mikels, Instructor for MS in Engineering, Sustainability and Health
Dr. Jessica Mikels
Environmental Sociologist, Instructor
Dr. Daryl-Lynn Roberts
Daryl-Lynn Roberts
Vice President of Business Development at Visage Energy, Instructor
John Gulick, PhD MESH
Dr. John Gulick
Disaster studies, hazard mitigation, and community resilience. Instructor
Rebecca Schwartz Lesberg, MESH Instructor
Rebecca Schwartz Lesberg
President and founder of Coastal Policy Solutions