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Sherman Block Supervisory Leadership Institute Graduates

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Sherman Block SLI Graduates

Take the next step in your leadership development by earning your master’s degree in Law Enforcement Leadership – 100% online

Designed for current law enforcement professionals who want to grow and lead, this 100% online, leadership-focused master’s degree program builds upon the excellent training you received at the Sherman Block Supervisory Leadership Institute, with a practical curriculum designed specifically for law enforcement professionals who want to be more effective leaders and enhance their promotional opportunities.

Through a unique partnership between the University of San Diego and the California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST), your SLI coursework can be evaluated, given an academic grade, and validated for 6 graduate-level extension units if you completed the program within the last five years. This process must be started before the start of your first term in the MS-LEPSL program. Then, as a student in the MS-LEPSL program, these units will be applied to the following two courses:

There is a $79 per unit fee for the credit validation service, but you will save the tuition cost for those courses, and receive a 7-week break in your course load for each class. If you are planning to use financial aid to fund your degree, you will not be eligible to receive funding for any term in which you are taking less than 6 units. Please plan to self-fund your tuition for the terms in which you’ll be using transfer credit.

At a Glance

20 Months
31 Units
$679 with discount
September 3
August 2

Build on Your SLI Training While Exploring Current Issues in Law Enforcement

As a student in USD’s online MS in Law Enforcement & Public Safety Leadership program, you will delve into some of America’s most pressing public safety issues while learning practical management and leadership skills specific to law enforcement, including:

  • Organizational leadership frameworks, and how to influence others for the common good
  • Constitutional law and how it shapes law enforcement policy
  • Budget, finance and resource allocation
  • Collective bargaining and contract negotiation
  • Communication techniques, including interpersonal dialogue, written/electronic communications, report and grant writing, media relations and communicating to large audiences
  • Techniques for successful community engagement
  • Dispute and conflict resolution skills that emphasize ethics, personal and professional integrity
  • Research methods for conducting community and organizational assessments
  • Analytical procedures for evaluating crime trends

Program Structure

In its entirety, USD’s online MS in Law Enforcement & Public Safety Leadership is a 31-unit program designed to be completed in 5 semesters (20 months). Coursework is taken year-round, with three 14-week semesters each year. Each 14-week semester consists of two courses running for seven weeks each back to back, allowing you to focus on one course at a time.

When a course for which you have transfer credit is scheduled, you will enjoy a 7-week break.

Benefits to SLI Graduates

I chose the LEPSL Program based upon recommendations from co-workers and the fact it was 100% online. The faculty, curriculum, and format were top-notched. The professors challenged your thought process always emphasizing seeing the big picture, like all good leaders do. I promoted to Lieutenant the same day I completed to LEPSL Program (August ‘19). I attribute much of my recent success to the program. I highly recommend this program to all law enforcement professionals.

I chose the LEPSL online degree program at the University of San Diego because I wanted to be part of a program that was not only educational but also one that was highly relevant towards what I am doing in 21st Century Policing. I considered MPA programs and Master’s in Criminal Justice degrees, but neither were the right fit for me. The Law Enforcement and Public Safety Leadership program ties together everything I do at the practical level while enhancing my efforts through proven theories based on research and empirical evidence. As a progressive police executive, I know that the knowledge that I am gaining from this degree program will make me a better leader for my agency and the community I serve. I highly recommend this program to anyone who is looking to advance their career, improve their knowledge base, and become a change-maker within the policing profession.

What a fantastic program and instructors. I learned a lot about leadership and shared it all in the academy with the newly hired deputy sheriffs. This program is second to none, and very the courses/assignments made me think outside of the box.

The last year of coursework from USD has been nothing short of outstanding! In a career where tradition often complicates the freedom toward innovation, this learning environment with numerous law enforcement professionals throughout the country, and world, has been a significant enhancement to my professional experience. I have zero reservations recommending this program and have referred several coworkers already. I’m thankful for this program and feel like it has supercharged my comprehension of significant law enforcement leadership concepts and how to put them into practice. In addition, professional networking opportunity is completely worthwhile. The instructor staff is also exceptional and highly engaged and focused on ensuring student involvement, comprehension and future success.

The USD LEPSL program has exceeded my expectations. I chose USD for its reputation and reviewing the coursework offered in the LEPSL program. The faculty and staff and been extremely accommodating and helpful throughout the entire process. The scheduling and tempo, while challenging, has been feasible to maintain personal and professional responsibilities while continuing my education. The coursework has immediate application to my daily duties with my agency and has given opportunities to apply the material in various projects. I would recommend this program to anyone who is interested in developing their understanding of leadership, organizational dynamics, and emerging issues within the law enforcement profession.

I chose USD for the simple fact that no other school provided the type of degree program I was looking for. I’ve had a lot of negative leadership throughout my law enforcement career. Based on my personal experience, I wanted to make that change. I knew I needed a program that was based on leadership but focused on law enforcement. Other universities had “Global Leadership” type programs, but these did not suit what I needed as a LE Professional.

I couldn’t be prouder of being an alumnus of the University of San Diego’s, LEPSL program. From the moment I was first made aware of LEPSL I knew it was the program for me. This format is so well conceived from the curriculum to the professors. The interactions I shared with my classmates and professor were really productive and enhanced the learning environment. I looked forward to the weekly assignments and comments from my peers. During the course of my studies, I traveled across the United Stated on multiple occasions without having a single issue completing work or submitting assignments. The flexibility built into LEPSL makes it possible to succeed regardless of your schedule. Not only would I recommend the LEPSL program, I never stop tell my peers about it. Simply stated, I enjoyed every aspect of this program. Even though the courses are taught in an online format I was able to communicate with my professors whenever I had questions or needed direction.

As a past President of the Hispanic American Police Command Officers Association (HAPCOA), I first became aware of LEPSL during our annual conference in Los Angeles, CA. Having been enrolled in other graduate-level programs, I was immediately impressed with LEPSL’s progressive and relevant curriculum. I’m currently only a few courses away from graduation and wish I would have known about this program years ago. As a career 35-year law enforcement leader, with both local and federal government experience, I unequivocally endorse this program for aspiring law enforcement leaders.

When I heard that USD was offering this program, I was nervous, excited and proud. Nervous that I was about to start a program and unsure of the demand with my job, excited about the thought of obtaining a Master’s degree from such a prestigious university, and proud once I was accepted. The program is very manageable with my work schedule and now that I am over half way through, I look forward to putting USD on my resume. The staff is extremely helpful and has made the entire experience one that I would recommend for anyone!

I highly recommend the Master’s in Law Enforcement and Public Safety Leadership. The curriculum is designed to be current and relevant for the police leader and manager. The faculty are experienced and proven leaders in their respective disciplines. The on-line format gives the student structure, yet flexibility for personal and professional life issues that can occur. Further, the on-line experience gives the student a national perspective from peers across the country, each sharing their unique perspective. I like to say that what we teach is what I did every day as a law enforcement supervisor and executive manager!

The LEPSL program offered by USD has provided me with training and education that is rooted in real-life experiences and examples. I have been able to immediately apply the education I have received to my every day work and even in my personal life. I have seen an increase in my ability to properly communicate with my peers and superiors, as well as better understand the complex relationships and discourse of the law enforcement community. My understanding of the law enforcement profession has grown to include aspects of the profession that I had not previously considered. My mindset has grown to see the importance of effective and efficient police work, which is a perspective that is not typically expressed in everyday police work. I would recommend this program to my fellow law enforcement officers, regardless of their rank or experience, because the ideas and values taught throughout the program can immediately be implemented by every student. The increased understanding of policy and procedure making, as well as leadership techniques, will not only prepare you for promotion to higher level, but it will create excitement and drive to seek promotion. Students will be better prepared to suggest and implement change within their departments to better, not only the department, but the profession as a whole. This course has made my outlook on the future of policing more positive and my understanding of the intricacies of the relationship between law enforcement and the community will help me to make better decisions as a law enforcement officer.

This is a great professional advancement learning program. The courses are well paced and absolutely relevant to the current culture in today’s law enforcement. The classes are challenging and force you to think outside the box regarding real life issues. I was able to work my regular work assignment and still find time to complete my school work. Take the extra time you have to better yourself, improve your resume, and actually learn relevant material. I also found it more beneficial to attend a well respected university that will carry more national weight. Great job to everyone involved, and thank you for your hard work in making this a smooth and legitimate program.

This program was extremely understanding and flexible with my work schedule, current political climate, and realistic with the workload I have with my department. All of my professors were compassionate, kind, caring, and empathetic to life’s challenges. I genuinely felt that my professors wanted to better me as a student and as a Law Enforcement professional. I was referred to this program from a co-worker and it was the best decision I ever made. To think that I couldn’t do this, is absolutely baffling to me. This program is designed to allow people of all walks of life to complete this. I am graduating with almost a 4.0 GPA, something I never thought was possible. I am so grateful to the LEPSL program and the hardworking people who put it together and maintain it’s integrity. I have referred several colleagues and friends to this program. I truly believe, I have bettered myself for my professional working future.

Having applied to the National Academy before I began my search for a master’s program, the prospect of receiving credit towards a degree was quite appealing to me. list, I enrolled in four master’s level courses at the National Academy that would count towards my LEPSL degree. I was able to complete my USD courses while also attending the NA because of the convenient, online format of the LEPSL program. In the end, I saved thousands of dollars in tuition and received a Master’s degree in some of the most up-to-date, current police training I have ever taken. Highly recommended.

Great program, well worth the investment.