Master of Science in Cyber Security

Staying safe on zoom
Master of Science in Cyber Security

8 Tips for Staying Safe on Zoom

Video conferencing services are being utilized by hundreds of thousands of companies across industries and around the world like never before.

Master of Science in Cyber Security

How to Spot COVID-19 Themed Cybersecurity Threats

On Friday, The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) released a public service announcement warning against coronavirus (COVID-19) fraud schemes and detailing how scammers are taking advantage of this unprecedented pandemic.

Cybersecurity architect
Master of Science in Cyber Security

Cybersecurity Architect [Career Outlook, Job Duties, Salaries]

Do you think like a malicious hacker and a big-picture business IT executive? Because both of these mindsets are needed to be an effective cybersecurity architect — an in-demand position with salaries averaging $129,000 a year if you possess the required expertise and…

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