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Respecting our place, person enjoying the forest

Sustainability and Engineering

Respecting our place

Data Science

How to Change Your Career to Data Science
Cyber Security Professionals from Across the Nation Earn Master’s Degrees from University of San Diego

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Cyber Security

Your Ultimate Guide to Understanding a Cybersecurity Master’s Degree
A statue of St. Francis of Assisi


St. Francis of Assisi and Franciscan Theology
Women teaching learning design to group of young adults

Learning Design and Technology

What is Learning Design? [+ Career Path Options]


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Artificial Intelligence

Why Get a Master’s in AI or ML in 2023
COVID increased Reliance on Health Informatics


How the COVID-19 Pandemic Brought Health Informatics to Center Stage
A photo of a women holding an "open" sign for her store

Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship

8 Steps to Start Your Own Business
Women at a computer demonstrating artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Want to Work in Artificial Intelligence? 14 AI Careers & Job Outlook [2023]
Police Leadership Books

Criminal Justice

Best Police Leadership Books

Data Science

Want to Work in Data Science? Review the Career Outlook, Salaries & Skills Needed for 7 Data Science Jobs

Sustainability and Engineering

Why Companies Need a Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer [Job Description + Salary Guide]
social justice careers

Sustainability and Engineering

The Top 8 Social Justice Careers

Sustainability and Engineering

The Top 15 Sustainability Degree Options [+ Are They Worth It?]
Problem-based learning

Sustainability and Engineering

Problem-based learning for sustainability and health: developing a social business in your local community
Group of smiling diverse women in a row

Sustainability and Engineering

First Ever MESH Scholarship Awarded

Sustainability and Engineering

The Ultimate List of Sustainability Scholarships
Forest devastation, MESH

Sustainability and Engineering

The Future of Public Health…is Transdisciplinary

Sustainability and Engineering

MPH vs. MSPH: Comparing Degree Differences [+Career Outlooks]

Sustainability and Engineering

The Top 12 Sustainability Careers [+FAQs]
Working with values in mind

Sustainability and Engineering

Valuing what we do for a living
We are all connected, USD Master of Science in Engineering for Sustainability and Health

Sustainability and Engineering

We’re All Connected

Sustainability and Engineering

New Online Master’s Degree Integrates Study and Practice of Sustainability, Health and Engineering
Cybersecurity architect

Sustainability and Engineering

Post-Covid Task Force: A Transdisciplinary Approach to a Sustainable Future