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Master of Science in Cyber Security Operations and Leadership Curriculum

The Master of Science in Cyber Security Operations and Leadership program course design includes 37.5 hours of core instructional time for each three-unit course. Additional homework, research, and study time will be required. Students are advised to spend 15-18 hours per week in each course in order to be successful.

The 31-unit MS-CSOL program consists of eleven courses – ten 3-unit courses and a 1-unit integrative capstone course. This 31-unit program can be completed in five semesters (20 months). You can start this program in any semester (fall, spring, or summer). Each semester is 14-weeks long and there are two 7-week courses offered. Students should ensure that their personal computers meet the following system requirements.

Program Learning Outcomes

The Master of Science in Cyber Security Operations and Leadership (MS-CSOL) focuses on three key aspects of leadership, in addition to the graduate learning outcomes shared across all of USD’s Master’s level programs.

  1. Cyber security strategy, and how to organize and set a strategic direction for an organization to best prepare itself for operations in a contested environment.
  2. Cyber security business services, including but not limited to acquisition, procurement, policy, human resources, and budgeting.
  3. Cyber security management, that focuses on decision making, trade-offs, requirements building, team building, leading, and other human factors not often taught in traditional programs.

In addition to cyber security leadership skills, students are taught theory and how to turn that theory into practice, gaining specific knowledge and skills in the areas of technology, law, policy, compliance, governance, intelligence, incident response, and management. The program places significant emphasis on immersive experiences, which gives students the real-world exposure they need to be truly effective in the field.

Program Course Curriculum

The MS-CSOL program spans over five different semesters which includes a mandatory orientation course. Each semester is fourteen weeks and is split into two different courses. The first course is seven weeks and the second course is seven weeks. Below is a sample outline of what the span of the MS-CSOL program may look like: